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Help enhance the King’s experience by giving a regular donation today.

Financial background or family circumstances shouldn’t be a barrier to education. However, as the cost-of-living crisis continues, more and more students tell us they are feeling the financial pressures of university life. From paying rent to the cost of food, travel, and key course materials, it all adds up.

Our Kingsmakers are a group of alumni and friends of the College who are passionate about furthering our ambition to make the world a better place; they give a regular donation to support the University, enabling flexible use of funds to wherever the need is greatest.

How you can help

With a regular donation, you can help us as we work to build a university that is ever more influential, inspiring, and accessible for all.

Take the pressure off for students experiencing mental health difficulties

Worrying about finances can take its toll, and over 90% of students have told us that the cost-of-living crisis has had a negative impact on their mental health, at King’s we make it a priority to offer award-winning mental health initiatives to help take the pressure off students who may be struggling.

Unlock new opportunities and fund vital hardship schemes

A regular gift could fund valuable annual programmes like the Civic Leadership Academy – a leadership scheme for lower-income students. Through the CLA, students can explore the world of work, learn new skills, and prepare for life after King’s.

Your gift could also go towards initiatives like the K+ Start-Up Scholarships - designed to support A-level students from lower-income areas through the King’s application process.

Your donations could also provide emergency hardship funding for students facing financial struggles at university.

Join our Kingsmakers

By becoming a Kingsmaker and donating regularly, you can help make sure we keep keep King’s a place where bright students from all backgrounds can thrive. Thank you.

Join the Kingsmakers by setting up a regular Direct Debit today. If you do not have a UK bank account, you can also join by making a recurring card payment, please email for details.

Take the next step and join our Kingsmaker Guild

Want to take your giving to the next level? Join the Kingsmaker Guild and donate £1,000 or more a year; find out more about joining the Kingsmaker Guild here.

Please note, all Kingsmaker donations are gratefully received and will be used where they are needed most across the University.

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