The Kingsmaker Guild

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The Kingsmaker Guild

The Kingsmaker Guild is a group of dedicated alumni who donate £1,000 or more to student support at King’s.

Their regular generous donations fund life-changing programmes like the  Hardship Fund, the  K+ programme and the  Civic Leadership Academy.  

Why join the Kingsmaker Guild?  

As a member, you will receive a personalised report twice a year to update you on the funding targets for the university’s student support programme. Plus, you’ll get exclusive updates from the students and initiatives you are supporting.  

Hear from Sophia how the support from Kingsmaker Guild members changed her time at university:  

'The Hardship Fund at King’s really allowed me peace of mind, especially during winter. I was able to study and focus on myself, knowing I wouldn’t have to take up extra shifts at work or look for another job. This also gave me more time to take part in extracurricular activities and I was awarded a fellowship and a Dean’s Commendation through the AKC scheme (Associate of King’s College London).  

I really think that if I didn’t receive the funding and spent all my time working, I wouldn’t have been able to fully immerse myself in King’s culture.’  

Become a Guild member today  

Inspired by Sophia’s story? Start your annual Guild membership today and unlock new opportunities for talented students from lower-income backgrounds.  

You can either make a single gift of at least £1,000, or spread your gift out regularly - for example, by giving £84 a month or £1,000 annually via Direct Debit.   

Donating from outside the UK? You can also join by making a regular card payment. Please email for details.

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