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At King’s College London we believe that every bright student should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in higher education, no matter their financial background.

Education can change a young person’s life trajectory, but obtaining a degree on its own is not enough to ensure they reach their full potential. They also need equal access to a variety of educational opportunities and experiences, and the resources they need to succeed. With the support of alumni and donors, King’s is working hard to level the educational playing field. Ensuring students from all backgrounds are supported not only to get into university, but to flourish once they are there.

Thanks to this hard work we have reached a point where 77% of our students are from state schools; 47% from BAME backgrounds; and where we have the fastest growing population of low-income students in the Russell Group. But there is still so much further to go.

We know the COVID-19 pandemic stands to disproportionately affect those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Furthermore, the outbreak of war in Ukraine is likely to have a direct impact on approximately 100 students enrolled of Ukrainian nationality or domicile, and around 300 students of Russian nationality or domicile - who could be in urgent need of hardship support.

It is now more important than ever to support students getting into university and during their time at King’s, where they will become the future generation of socially responsible citizens and changemakers.

Support from our alumni and donors is vital to ensure that we can continue to champion social mobility and develop our range of pioneering programmes:

  • Supporting bright A-level students from disadvantaged backgrounds through the King’s K+ Programme, ensuring they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to apply to university
  • Funding crucial scholarships and bursaries to make sure students begin their university life on a level playing field to their peers
  • Providing emergency funding via the Hardship Fund, accessible to any student who finds themselves, through no fault of their own, struggling financially at university - including those affected by war.
  • Ensuring students have access to opportunities that will build their skills beyond university, including the award winning King’s Civic Leadership Academy, offering paid work placements and mentoring with partner charities and organisations 

Your gift today will help students like Julia, who was able to support herself during lockdown in London thanks to alumni donations:

‘My parents can’t afford to support me in London, so I earn money by working at a restaurant alongside my degree. But when COVID hit my pay was decreased by 50 per cent. This meant that it was only enough for my rent, not for my bills or food or living expenses. I realised that it was almost impossible for me to live on my own savings for more than a month.

When I found out I had been awarded £1,400 in emergency funding, it was like a weight had been taken off me. I was extremely ecstatic and immediately grateful. Having had to worry so much about my financial situation, I was finally able to focus on my upcoming exams and my education again. Receiving the funding was such an improvement to my life. Even small donations from alumni and donors mean something huge to a student like me. Thank you so much for all your help.’ 

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