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Help realise the educational potential of refugee students. 

Currently, only 5% of refugees have access to higher education compared to 39% of people globally. At King’s we believe everyone should have the opportunity to receive a first-class education, and that is why we formed the King’s Sanctuary Programme.

Through the Sanctuary Programme we run a wide range of initiatives to tackle educational inequality, promote social justice and realise the potential of refugee students. To date, we have been able to support students from many countries, including Myanmar, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran, as well as the UK.

With wars happening all around the globe, the need to help students displaced by conflict has never been greater, but together, with your support, we can make a difference.

Your generosity today could help support initiatives like:

King’s Refugee Community Sponsorship Scheme - working in partnership with Citizens UK, the Home Office and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to resettle refugee students and their families in the UK.

King’s has also signed up as a community sponsor for the Homes for Ukraine scheme, committing to helping 50 Ukrainian students and academics, find welcoming homes with the King's community in the UK. Through refugee sponsorship we can help provide financial support to families who have left everything behind and arrive here with nothing.  

  • £55 could help a family pay for their weekly food shopping
  • £97 could cover the cost of a short-term student visa (up to 6 months)
  • £250 could help pay for a monthly adult travelcard
  • £348 could cover the cost of a student visa (>6 months)
  • £1,523 could help pay for settlement fees

Sanctuary Scholarships: since 2016 we have provided sanctuary scholarships for students who are asylum seekers or have been granted limited leave to remain and have no access to student finance. To date we have offered 28 scholarships, with each student receiving tuition fees paid in full as well as living costs, currently £12,667 per year. This allows them to pay for things like food and rent but also everything they need for their academic studies, like course books which can be as much as £200 for the year and a laptop (£650) to complete assignments and coursework.

“Going to university was never a decision; it always seemed like a necessary part of my journey, and it would not have been possible without this scholarship. My life would be on a different path: a path that would have made it very difficult to pursue my ambition and grow academically.” – Samuel Remi-Akinwale, Sanctuary Scholarship recipient

King’s has a proud history of supporting forced migrant students, and in 2020, we were honoured to be named the first Refugees Welcome University by Citizens UK. With your support, through the Students of Sanctuary Appeal, we can do even more to help students displaced by conflict.

Donations to this appeal will support the King’s Sanctuary Programme as well as enabling the university to respond to challenges as they arise and ensure King's continues to make transformational changes to society and the world around us.

If you are interested in making a major gift of £5,000 or higher to the Students Of Sanctuary appeal, please get in contact with Mylen Namocatcat ( to discuss your contribution. 

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